3 Painless Ways to Make Back To School Easy

Ever had anxiety-filled back to school days?

I have, and it is the worst feeling you can ever have.

I put all the blame on me. Every time the school re-opened, I would cringe on the thought of having to go through the same scenario of anxiety.

Every holiday, I promised myself to work on things that triggered that, but I failed miserably.

Instead of worrying about what will happen next season, I would travel with my kids, hoping that anxiety will die off after visiting new places.

                              Travelling didn’t change things.

Woe unto me. Travelling was not solving our anxiety problem. Things were getting out of hand. I knew I had to act fast.

How was I to handle that? I was helpless and clueless.

Travelling did not ease our anxiety issues, but it helped us be calm at that particular moment. That’s the only solution I had at hand!

                             But you know what? It helped a little bit.

Visiting new places had a way of soothing our troubled minds for a while, but I needed a lasting solution that will carry us through over the years.

After a lot of soul-searching, I found what I was looking for, finally. Yay!

The minute I decided to involve my children, the game changed. We had a one on one. Allowing them to say what their expectations were, the ride became smoother.

I realized that transition could be difficult, and the only way to overcome the agonies brought by it is by preparing them psychologically by letting them know what to expect.

So, if you are struggling with the issue of anxiety, make an effort of involving your children in it. Prepare their minds.

Allow them to speak out and voice their concerns.

Back to school can turn out to be a monster if you have no idea how to go about it.

Preparing them time over time can save you a lot. With time, it becomes easier for the parties involved, and everyone becomes happy and satisfied.

I have been there, so I know how tension and anxiety engulf children, guardians, and parents every time schools re-open.

Telling your children that ‘it will be fine’ is just a waste of energy because it can never yield fruits.

I’m saying this out of the experience.

No amount of talking to the little ones bore fruits. I sometimes felt like my children would contact the child welfare support to air their grievances.

I was almost giving up and felt disconcerted.

I failed to put into consideration that inclusion is a right but not a privilege, and this is where we all go wrong.

What causes back to school anxieties?

Children worry much about getting back to school. The transition can be stressful, and the best you as a parent/guardian can do is to prepare them well enough for it.

They may tend to complain of stomach aches, headaches, throw tantrums, and become irritable of which are not related to any illness but comes as a result of being anxious.

Sounds familiar?

Some of the reasons behind these are;

  • Who will be my new teacher?
  • Will they be mean to me?
  • Will I fit in?

What I did with my children was to acknowledge to them that getting back to school can be worrying, but with time it gets fun.

I also asked them to share their fears. Encouraging them to come up with ways to solve their problems rather than reassuring them that ‘everything will be fine’ works wonders.

Let’s delve on ways on to how to make back to school easy.

  1. Prepare daily routine

A new term brings its rhythm, and it takes more practice before getting in the groove.

For the children to experience a smoother transition, tell them what it’s exactly expected of them? That is, in the morning and when they come back from school.

If a child gets to know their responsibilities, it will be easier for them to adjust to the new routines. Some of the tasks before and after school require them to,

** Make bed

** Brush teeth

** Pack lunch

** Hang backpack

** Empty lunchbox

** Give diaries to parents

** Do homework

** Put toys away

  1. Plan out clothes for the whole week

Have you ever gone through the agony of misplaced socks in the morning?

I have, and it is not pleasing at all.

To avoid chaotic mornings, I opted to set up a school uniform for the whole week. Coming up with this plan has helped my children and me.

While folding laundry, make sure you set aside school uniforms for the entire week. Let the kids know when they put on the usual school uniform or the P.E. kits to avoid a lot of drama in the morning.

  1. Have morning affirmations

Positive affirmations are vital. Starting a day with a positive attitude is a great way to build self- esteem and to face the day with courage.

For my children, they have memorized this verse from the Bible, Philippians 4:13 ; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” They also say these declarations; I am smart, I am capable, and I am a conqueror.

Daily morning affirmations help the children to deal with negativity that life may throw at them.

They also become grateful and celebrate things in life.

The mind is very flexible

Be at the forefront of showing your children the benefits of programming their minds with positive thoughts.

They change their habits

When the children wake up, good habits are the best they can adopt.

They become and feel more optimistic

Being optimistic in general, can help your children to perform better in school.

Motivations also improve how the children interact with their peers and the attitude they have about school changes.

School life can be dull and boring. Excite your children by introducing the morning affirmations in their lives, and you’ll notice a significant change, and you’ll forever remain grateful.

Final thoughts

Let the children enjoy going back to school after they re-open. Reassure them that being in school is fun.

Prepare them with the transition and kill that anxiety demon that creeps to disorganize everyone.

What are some of the ways that have helped you to make back to school easy? Let us know in the comment section.








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