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4 Insightful Ways to Manage Your Finances as a Mom

Manage your finances as a mom, and forge ahead financially. Some may say that it is easier said than done which is true. At some point in our lives, we get this kind of a struggle. We all go through it.

No matter how hard we try to work hard, there seems to be no progress, and we end up feeling bad about ourselves and feel like we aren’t doing enough to manage our finances.


But how enough is enough?


I had gone through this struggle for some time, and I know too well how it feels. I felt incompetent, a failure, and a mom who wasn’t doing enough to get out of the murky waters of financial disability.


After some soul-searching, I decided to do what it takes to forge ahead financially, and after breaking through, I felt liberated.


Once you get your finances in order, you can confidently;


  • Pay off debts without cutting a sweat.
  • Save for your Children’s education.
  • Buy a family home where this will save you from paying rent.
  • Save consistently for retirement.


It is doable if you put your mind into it so, you have no reason to think otherwise.

But how can you achieve this? Let’s delve into it so you can get a clear picture of what to do to get your finances.


1.     Don’t in any way do impulse buying.


When you have set in your mind that you want to manage your finances; there is no way you can do impulse buying. We all go wrong in this area when we have some cash in our pockets.


It would help if you were disciplined in this. Purchase what is necessary. By doing so, you’ll avoid buying what was not on your shopping list.


2.     Save to manage your finances.


Has something unexpected ever happened to you, and you needed money to take care of it?

It has happened to me several times, and it is not pleasing at all. You run to friends and family to get some help in the form of cash without any help.


You sulk blaming everyone and anything forgetting that that was a mistake that would have been taken care of if you made the right decisions concerning finances.


Saving will help you to take care of emergencies that may arise without worrying and panicking. You can achieve this by;


– Having a savings account where you commit to save at least each month. The monies you have collected can be used for emergencies.


3.     Have goals and set them.

We all have different opportunities in this life, and our mission is to find out what sets us apart from the rest. Having goals and bringing them into actualization is all you need.


Have a target in mind.


You either aim at it or end up losing miserably.


“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” Pablo Picasso.


Three years ago, I set a goal to save the little I earned from the business I was running to enable me to dive into the freelancing world.


I put my mind into it. Set my goals and voila! Here I am doing what I love most.


Believing in ourselves will always carry the day in the long run. Set the goals and see yourself excel in whatever you plan to do.


You can do it too. Start small; you never know what you can achieve at the end.


4.     Grow your income.


The worst mistake one can do depending on a single income and be comfortable with it.

Broaden your mind as a mom. See beyond the horizon and look for alternatives on how you can grow your income.


Here are some ways to propel you higher in growing your income once you put your mind into it.


  • Start a side hustle.


What’s your passion? What do you love doing and find fulfillment in it? As for me, since I was in primary school, I knew that writing was my thing.


I just loved writing, be it poems, notes, or helping other pupils/students write. That was given, and I didn’t have to read books or spend days analyzing what I find joy in doing.


When it came to writing, everything fell in place because I knew that’s what I love doing without being coerced by anyone. What I’m I driving into? Get off the high horse, find what you love doing and get your hands into it.


On starting a side hustle, you can venture into graphic designing, SEO work or web development. These mainly add up to your skillset.


If you have no skills, explore and learn them and get to what that excites you or rather the one you can do into perfection.


  • Look for a better paying job.


Working hard in a low paying job will not lead you to success but stagnation. Having jobs that do not give us space to grow financially is the worst mistake that one can ever do.


All you need is to look and ask around. Once an opportunity arises, gather the courage and apply, and once you get it, work hard, and you’ll get significant dividends.


Purpose to work harder/ smarter more than it is expected of you.

Another crucial thing you can do as an employee is to invest in yourself by learning and upgrading your skills. Don’t cultivate a contentment attitude.


  • Create tutorials on YouTube


Do you have the slightest idea that you can make some good money on YouTube?

For every Million views, expect to earn from $4,000 – $8,000. Try to build a sizable channel to gain if you want to make more.


You can check out on popular topics and make tutorials out of them. Increase your income significantly.


How about YouTube videos? This is where the bread is buttered, for these will make you earn passive income as you sleep.

It is not a get rich quick scheme, but with time, it will eventually happen.


  • Use Fiverr to source gigs. 


Ever thought of joining the gig economy?


Many services get sold on Fiverr, and this is where Digital nomads who want to earn an extra coin and increase their income hang out.


On Fiverr, you can sell a lot of services that are not limited to Web designing, ghostwriting, blogging, graphic designing, etc.

You know where your strength lies. Grab that skill and dive into the gig economy.


What are you doing to manage your finances as a mom?


These tips will help you a great deal. If you have not been doing things right, this is the right time to make that decision that will turn your life around as you forge ahead as a financially abled mom. Look around and see what will work for you.



















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