Hello there,

My name is Shiphillah Wanjiru and i am a freelance writer, blogger, and a social media marketer. If i’m not engaged to any client, you may find me out and about on charity works or interacting with children.

Nonetheless, i am passionate about business and finance, relationships, Christian based writing, and mental health.

I have a certification as a community organizer and have also trained in: Public Narrative, Strategy and Action. The training covered material developed by Marshall Ganz of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the New Organizing Institute and Leading Change Network.

For in-depth research, web content writing and Blog writing, do not hesitate to contact me. I write for you with your audience in mind.

Parenthood is fantastic, but you get to familiarize yourself with multitasking tactics. You’re either cooking, helping the other child with homework, or tending to the one craving for attention. It’s an exciting journey but with up and downs as you try to raise your child/ren to become the best of the best. I am a mother to two lovely babies, a girl, and a boy. Both aged seven and four years respectively.

The best part is, I have watched my kids grow. Each milestone I have been around to witness. Watching them make those significant milestones is incredible. The potty training, uttering the first words, making first baby steps and many more it’s thrilling.
Sometimes it’s hard being a parent, but it is most rewarding. You promise yourself that you’ll always be there to help in time of need. When the child is sick, you become heart-broken knowing that it isn’t much you can do.

Whether you’re a biological parent or not, you’re forced to look at things from their perspective. Having this in mind will arouse the child in you. You will surely oblige.
Seeing them grow is breathtaking. Enrolling to school for the first time can be scary but watching them release your hand on the first day at school is fantastic. There you get to know the best child/teacher in class. How they’re coping leaves you in awe.
There is so much that involves parenting like instilling discipline, moral values, keeping health in check, and much more.

Fasten your safety belts, grab a seat and let’s connect.