Sunflower Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is intended to help you plan for the future, organize the present, and track the past through logging of information.

Are you a busy working mom? Do you find it hard to keep track of your thoughts and day to day activities without noting them down?

Well, I have a solution to all this. I have come up with crucial pointers that will help you despite your tight schedules.

Kindly read on;

A sunflower bullet journal is a known theme during summer, and as a busy mom, you need one to keep a record of your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling means writing down records of your thoughts and feelings. It helps in tracking your everyday life.

The journal also helps you to be more productive.

The reason why sunflowers are outstanding is because they are good mood trackers.

Can a bullet journal be a diary?

Yes! As a busy mom, you need a bullet journal to note down schedules, meetings, to-do lists, habits, and track moods.

On this journal, you can add anything that will enhance your journaling experience. It comes with the freedom of including and excluding some topics.

Having the power to express your creativity in art and different writing styles is a plus.

Sounds good?

Invest in one, and you’ll never go wrong.

Pros and cons of bullet journaling


  • You can plan your writing schedule.
  • You can plan the goals you might be having and start working on them.
  • It’s an excellent tool to plan your meals to avoid taking junk.
  • It helps in planning and tracking your morning and evening routines.
  • It is fully customizable, which means that you can use stickers and color away in the tables you have drawn.
  • It helps in understanding your emotions because you can track your moods hence control your feelings.


  • Time-consuming- the reason why it is time-consuming is that it’s not like your standard planner. You have to set up each weekly spread.
  • Overwhelming pressure- bullet journaling may make you feel overwhelmed because you’re trying all you can to never skip a day without filling.

What notebook is best for bullet journaling?

As a busy mom, it’s in your best interest to have a good notebook for bullet journaling. Apart from a notebook, it would be best if you had a good pen, and once you have invested in these two, you’re good to go.

Here is the deal, you can’t just pick any notebook but rather have the one that will serve the purpose you want to achieve.

I have gathered a list of notebooks best for journaling to choose from;

  1. Leuchttrm1917 A5 Notebooks
    These notebooks from Leuchttrm come inlined, squared, and blank versions.

    They are of high quality, pre-printed index in the front, have durable covers, pre-numbered pages, two ribbon markers, a back pocket, and an elastic closure with the rainbow’s colors.

  2. Moleskin Notebooks

Have some comparison to the Leuchttrm1917, but you can easily find it in the U.S. It has smaller pages in number compared to Leuchttrm1917 (192 Vs. 250pages). Some bullet journalists find their paper a bit thin for elaborate colored doodles.

It’s a quality notebook to be used on a lot of journaling.

  1. Northbooks Dots Hardcover Notebook

Northbooks dots hardcover notebooks are no-frills bullet journalists. They have 192 pages of smooth ruled or dot grid paper sewn into a hard cover-straight up, no chaser.

They are the best for those who love simplicity.

Have no ribbon markers, pre-printed pages, no extras, but it holds up over time.

They lie flat when open and serve best the bullet journaling.

Are Moleskine notebooks good for bullet journaling?

According to the reviews, Moleskine notebooks stand out as the best in bullet journaling. In the many available journals all over, the Moleskine’s have stood the test.

Let’s look at some of the critical factors that make them stand out;

  • Availability: Moleskine notebooks are widely available. It’s one of the few high-qualities you can find in stores. It means that you don’t have to purchase them online.
  • Pricing-prices are moderate, which means you don’t have to break a bank to acquire one.
  • Variety-these notebooks come in different sizes and colors. Paper types are also several where you can choose from either plain, ruled, squared, or dotted. It is a significant strength found in Moleskine’s notebooks.
  • Covers– some of Moleskine journals are hardcovers and soft covers. As a journalist, you have an option to choose from the plenty they have in stores.
  • Design– these notebooks are appealing to the journal-loving audience because their designs are beautiful.
  • They are best for writing journals, a daily diary, note-taking in school, or meetings.

Is dot journaling the same as bullet journaling?

Dot journaling and bullet journaling are not the same.

In dot journaling, you put all your long and short term goals and daily tasks into one notebook.

Also, to avoid everything from being muddled together, you can use a code-type system.

In bullet journaling, also known as BuJo, the journal is broken down into modules. You capture the information as bullet lists, including Index, Future log, Monthly log, or Daily log.

As a better mom, how do you ensure that you track your daily activities and mood?

In this article, I have discussed the importance of journaling, more so bullet journaling, to become a better mom. Put it down on paper.

On the comment session, let us know how you track your daily activities and moods.






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